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Digital Transformation Solutions

Services Overview

Business Analysis

This section covers a broad range of information to define objective, also risks and opportunities. This living document generally projects initial state also foreseeable future of change and upgrades.

Planning & Forecasting

We plan for execution and this approach requires forecasting for future prediction, trends, also estimations of variables. Plan defines, process, resources, architecture, time-table and deliverables. In addition this section covers risks and opportunities.

Execution Management

We believe Execution Management is mixture of best practices techniques and art of prediction, change management, resource planning. Also Quality Assurance and customer satisfaction. Our seasoned experts delivers the best in class results.

Extensive Architectural and Execution Experience

We offer a wide variety of services and solutions with the experience to get great results.
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Cloud Services

Native-Cloud &
Greenfields Applications

We provide full-service architectural solution and application development for public-cloud or private-cloud. Security, High-Availability, Load-balancing and High-Scalability are the key features of our cloud application development and delivery service.

A Native-Cloud application could be greenfield with no prior constrains or re-design and re-architect of existing application.

Hybrid-Cloud &
Cloud Migration Applications

This service is helpful if you want to migrate your application to the cloud or you need to keep some part of your application or your data on-premises or in your data center.

Application migration could be lift and shift to speedup the process or migration could be redesign and re-write of existing application to take full advantage of cloud migration.


The Era of Everything Digital

Today we have more data than ever. The challenge is not everyone manage and consume these data in a most productive way. Information Management is a discipline to manage this information aligned with your business needs without proposing any risk and adding unnecessary complexity to the business.


Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Technology supposed to makes our life easier and our business more productive but in many cases doesn't. Most cases it is not because of the technology, instead it is about using outdated technology or the wrong one or in a wrong way. Our technology fleet becomes super heavy that we can't move it or we afraid of moving it.


Successful Change Management

In software there is one constant and that is "change". Manage the change to manage the outcome. Welcome the change which is the key idea behind Agile and SCRUM. We helped many companies to manage the changes more disciplined and predictable also adapt to business changes more rapidly and instantly.